If you want to run online competitions but don’t have the technology to do so,  HOSTED COMPETITIONS provides the solution.

This cost effective and comprehensive service provides a platform that you can use to display highly engaging and visually exciting online competitions. We also provide you with an admin account that allows you to log in  24/7 365 to access the details of all your competitions. You can export the results of any competition that you run at any time in a a number of different formats.

You can use our platform to run any competition that uses an online form to collect entries.

You can even add an upload feature if you want contestants to send in an image or file as part of the contest.

Start offering competitions to your industry now!

  • Engage with customers
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Promote goods and services
  • Monetise unsold inventory
  • Increase email subscribers
  • Use for market research
  • Engage in social media channels



If you just want to run a single competition and don’t require a channel – no problem.

  • Check out available channels to see if one is suitable for you

  • Can’t see one then please complete this form and we will open a suitable channel and host your competition for you
  • Guidline prices:

    1. Set up fee: US$ 250 per competition

    2. Monthly rental for the duration of your competition: US$ 50 per competition

  • Results downloaded and sent to you as spreadsheet
  • Results page left live for 1 month after completion of your competition – (No monthly charge)

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